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Carlsen-Caruana Tied Halfway Clutch Chess Final

GM Magnus Carlsen and GM Fabiano Caruana both won one regular games and then both won one clutch game to tie their Clutch Chess International halfway. Caruana came back twice after a loss. The second half of the match is played on Sunday.

How to watch?
The games of the Clutch Chess Champions Showdown can be found here, and the Saint Louis Chess Club live coverage can be found here. GM Robert Hess is providing daily commentary on his Twitch channel. The games start at 1 p.m. Pacific time/20:00 Central European time each day.

Just like in November 2018, Caruana is proving himself to be a worthy opponent for the world champion. And whereas he tied their 12-game match in classical chess before suffering in the rapid portion, this time he is still on equal grounds in that time control with six games to go.

If anyone could or perhaps should have been leading, it was Carlsen. He missed a win in the first win as well as in the last game. 

The match started with two draws. As said, Caruana was in trouble in the first but survived, and then the second one was a fairly quiet game. But then “it started to get extremely crazy,” as the American put it.

Carlsen took a one-point lead with a win in game three, where he swiftly punished an unfortunate combination of moves from his opponent. (Read more). Photo and news:


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