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Europe Trailing China After Day 3 FIDE Online Nations Cup

China continues to lead the FIDE Online Nations Cup with four regular rounds to go. It’s Europe that’s having the best chances to join them in Sunday’s Superfinal.

Team USA defeated and leapfrogged Russia in the standings, while India and the Rest of the World are out of contention by this point.

The round started with a stunning victory for GM Viswanathan Anand against GM Ian Nepomniachtchi, a game that was over in about five(!) minutes. Nepo got caught in preparation, and was already lost by move 14!

In his post-game interview in the live broadcast, Anand said that 12.Nf3 (which seems mostly a tricky move order) was one of several ideas his second GM Grzegorz Gajewski had recently shared with him, adding that his former second, GM Radek Wojtaszek, told him that everything was already in their files 10 years ago! (Read more). Photo and news:


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