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FIDE Candidates Tournament: Nepomniachtchi Increases Lead, Giri Beats Alekseenko

GM Ian Nepomniachtchi is the clear favorite to win the FIDE Candidates Tournament as he beat GM Ding Liren in round six and increased his lead to a full point. GM Anish Giri won his first game as he defeated GM Kirill Alekseenko.

It was both a surprising and somewhat awkward situation when Nepomniachtchi, after he had just won his third game in six rounds, and seemingly in fantastic form, was coughing frequently during his press conference. Most only viewers must have had one particular question in mind during his analysis: did he contract the coronavirus?

Asked if he’s OK, Nepo replied: “I am definitely feeling not OK and actually I wanted to make like some kind of a quick draw today. I was never against it until I got [a promising] position but in general, I got a couple of these tests and they [were] negative. But again, you know, the whole atmosphere, it doesn’t help you to feel healthy.” (Read more). Photo and news:


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