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Nakamura Defeats So To Repeat As Speed Chess Champion

On Friday, GM Hikaru Nakamura won his second-straight Speed Chess Championship title, defeating GM Wesley So by the score of 19.5-14.5. So came back from a four-game deficit early in the match and at one point was even leading the defending champion. Nakamura showed his class in the bullet segment, outscoring the reigning Fischer Random World Champion by a full four points in that time control.’s own SmarterChess had predicted the match would end closely, even calling for an overtime victory by Nakamura. In fact, the World Blitz Championship finalist held just a 51-percent edge according to SmarterChess which meant that this was the predicted to be the championship’s closest match on paper.

Nakamura So Prediction Speed Chess Championship

Nakamura was disappointed in his performance, even lamenting in the Twitch chat, “Pretty terrible play by me after the first eight games.” Even so, Nakamura held a pragmatic view of the result, “Yeah, not the best win ever, but it’s a win.” (Read more). Photo and news:


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