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Nakamura Wins 2020 Speed Chess Championship Final Presented By OnJuno

On Saturday GM Hikaru Nakamura won the 2020 Speed Chess Championship final presented by OnJuno. The American grandmaster decided matters in the bullet segment as he defeated GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave 18.5-12.5 to win his third Speed Chess title in a row.

Early in the competition, Nakamura stated that his half of the bracket was tougher than Carlsen’s. You could say that MVL, after eliminating Carlsen, was actually the one having survived the toughest half. The big question was: could he do it again in the final?

Until the third bullet game, the answer was “yes” as the Frenchman with three names was actually leading by a point. That’s how close the match was.

However, while Carlsen clearly had an off-day, Nakamura didn’t. The American GM got himself together, rose to the occasion, and won five games in a row then to decide the match in his favor and claim his third title in as many years. (Read more). Photo and news:


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