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The Best Chess Game Of All Time Tournament‎

We want to know your opinion! Which is the best game in history?

We are pleased to announce’s “Best Chess Game” tournament. We’ve identified 16 of the greatest and most acclaimed games ever and seeded them into our tournament bracket.

Every other day, we’ll post a new battle on our social media pages, and YOU have to vote for the game that you think is best. We’ll tally the votes and update our bracket here. Stay tuned to see the entire tournament progress!

How can I take part?

Easy! We’re going to post, every two days, a battle on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at 9 a.m. Pacific Time / 18:00 Central European Time. If you want to vote, just follow the instructions in the battle and cast a vote with a like, retweet, or share. Votes will be tallied when the next battle is posted, and the winning game will advance to the next round in the tournament.

Easy, right?


Round of 16:

  • Byrne-Fischer vs. Botvinnik-Tal (April 28)
  • Kasparov-Topalov vs. Carlsen-Ernst (April 30)
  • Paul Morphy-Consultants vs. Short-Timman (May 2)
  • Polugaevsky-Nezhmetdinov vs. Steinitz-Von Bardeleben (May 4)
  • Anderssen-Kieseritzky vs. Botvinnik-Capablanca (May 6)
  • Rotlewi-Rubinstein vs. Bogoljubov-Alekhine (May 8)
  • Aronian-Anand vs. Lasker-Thomas (May 10)
  • Karpov-Kasparov vs. Larsen-Spassky (May 12)

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