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Top 5 Best Chess Websites in 2020

Top 5 of the Best Chess Websites in 2020

There are literally hundreds or thousands of chess websites online. We can find chess websites that are educational and some concentrates more on news and updates about chess.

But most of us, chess players, wants to become one of those strong players we’ve known like Grandmasters, so we want to learn more and do some research about Chess Strategy, Tactics, Opening Theories, Endgame, Middlegame, Chess Engines, etc. Chess online had become so popular these days that even younger generations has their own chess online account.

But, which of these websites can give us complete reference and knowledge we want to becoming more of a chess player. Let’s find out.

#5. was born in the Hamburg Chess Club when Grandmaster Jan Gustafsson pitched the idea of a small chess video website to Enrique Guzman, the co-founder of a successful education company. Enrique, who credits chess with giving him the ability to think in a structured and strategic manner, was happy to give something back to the chess world, but on one condition – that they would set about building the world’s best all-round chess website.

It was launched in 2014 with offices in Hamburg and Gibraltar, and has grown into the best destination for watching top chess tournaments and enjoying the highest quality chess content online.

Play Magnus, an Oslo-based company backed by World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, also launched in 2014, and in March 2019 the two companies combined forces. Play Magnus brings expertise in mobile apps and education along with the direct involvement of arguably the greatest chess player of all time.

The goal remains to deliver the world’s best chess experience.

#4. is a website dedicated to deliver updated results of almost every rated chess tournament in the world.

The tournament archive of contains more than 400.000 tournaments from around the world, from club tournaments to European Championships and Chess Olympiads. This is made possible by the program Swiss-Manager, an administrations programme for chess tournaments, working very closely with


FIDE stands for Fédération Internationale des Échecs (translated as International Chess Federation)

The International Chess Federation (FIDE) is the governing body of the sport of chess, and it regulates all international chess competitions. It was founded in 1924 in Paris (France), under the motto “Gens una Sumus” (Latin for “We are one Family”) FIDE is a non-governmental institution, and it was one of the first associations of its kind in the world, alongside the governing bodies of the sports of Football, Cricket, Swimming, and Auto Racing. In 1999, FIDE was recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a Global Sporting Organization.

Being chess a truly global sport, with dozens of millions of players in all the continents, the International Chess Federation englobes 190 countries as affiliate members, in the form of National Chess Federations. Last October the International Chess Federation renewed its leadership, electing a new President: Arkady Dvorkovich, who was the main organizer of the Football World Cup 2018, and Deputy Prime Minister of Russia between 2012 and 2018.

As a part of a profound reform, FIDE has recently moved its headquarters to Lausanne (Switzerland), a city that hosts multiple sports associations, including the International Olympic Committee (IOC).


ChessBase is a German company that makes and sells chess software, maintains a chess news site, and operates servers for online chess. Founded in 1986, it maintains and sells massive databases, containing the moves of recorded chess games. Databases organise data from prior games; engines provide analyses of games while endgame tablebases offer perfect play in some endgames.

ChessBase produces many CDs and DVDs, including monographs on famous players, tactical training exercises, and training for specific opening systems. They publish ChessBase Magazine six times per year, which comes on DVD with video clip interviews, articles on opening novelties, database updates (including annotated games), and other articles. All these are designed for viewing within their database software or the free ChessBase Reader. (Source: Wikipedia)

#1. hosts more than one million chess games every day. It’s crazy. Even them can’t believe it!

It employs more than 100 people as programmers, content editors, and member support. This team is entirely virtual (no office) and represents 12 countries!

It supports more than 50 world class chess players, coaches, and professionals by paying them to create awesome content. tries to be more than a chess site. They strive to be a community where chess fans from around the world can feel safe and happy while they grow as chess players. Here’s what believe in:

Kindness: believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Encourage everyone to follow the golden rule of treating others how you would like to be treated. Be kind!

Learning: You never lose when you learn! Life and chess are both about learning, growing, experimenting, failing and then getting back up again with greater knowledge and understanding.

Joy: Believe in fun, smiles, laughter, and in creating enjoyable experiences for everyone. Chess can be pure joy! The beauty of the game and the pure satisfaction of moving chess pieces around a board… exhilarating!

Disclaimer: The websites ranking above are not 100% precise. The result is purely based on surveys and how the website educate chess players worldwide.


Ariel Arrieta is an avid chess fan and a varsity chess player who loves promoting Chess everywhere. He founded (Chess Set Online) to help promote the game of chess anywhere in the world.

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