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Winning On Demand, Carlsen Clinches Clutch Chess International

GM Magnus Carlsen won the Clutch Chess International. In the second half of the final, played on Sunday, the Norwegian grandmaster was on the verge of defeat after losing the first clutch game to GM Fabiano Caruana but then delivered in the second.

Carlsen was back to shushing, holding an index finger in front of his mouth—a gesture made by many NBA players to demonstrate their dominance—when he was sure of victory in the last clutch game. Carlsen had shushed prematurely in a game against the same opponent in the 2018 Sinquefield Cup where he failed to convert a promising position and admitted his gesture “kind of backfired.”

Almost two years later, Golden State Warrior fan Carlsen was sure this time and delivered. He won a must-win game. 

“I’ve been advocating doing the shush when you got a good chance to win because I feel like when you do it after you’ve won, you don’t actually risk being humiliated,” Carlsen said. “Why would you try and do this…. There should be some skin in the game. But this time I felt like it was an appropriate moment to do it. But I promise next time I’ll do it when I have something to lose!”

The final saw an incredible run of the score. After two draws at the start, the next 10 games were all decisive except one! Carlsen used another basketball analogy: “There were no consecutive wins in the whole match, which is pretty sick, so it was really like both teams scoring on every possession.” (Read more). Photo and news:


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